About AJ's

There are many stories of the way people meet, fall in love, and become a wonderful happy couple for many years. Such is a story of two restaurants, both successful in their own right, one the parent of the other. This story is about “The Pear Tree of Bevier Missouri”.

Known for its magical atmosphere and perfectly served food, The Pear Tree was destination for people from all over the world. Birthdays, anniversaries, club events, business dinners and parties for all occasions and for “no occasion – just because.”

After decades of success, The Pear Tree gave birth to a new restaurant called AJ’s Eat and Drink, located in Macon. A smash success offering the bar and grill atmosphere with many favorites cooked and served with The Pear Tree perfection as expected.

The Pear Tree of Bevier tragically ended in November of 2012 through the harsh reality of fire.

Now it is the dawn of a new era... AJ’s Eat and Drink becomes “AJ’s Eat and Drink... The Steakhouse”, now serving The Pear Tree’s traditional favorites along with those of AJ’s Eat and Drink.

The new blended menu provides a perfect balance to the taste buds for everybody. Offering the delectable Pear Tree Salad, amazing battered fried lobster, along with mouth-watering black Angus beef steaks, prime rib accompanied by their famous homemade golden onion rings served with perfection.

On the same menu you’ll find the very best of AJ’s, including The tower burger, tenderloin sandwiches and fries. All cooked and served the “The Pear Tree way”.

Come try AJ’s Eat & Drink... The Steakhouse today!


We offer two ways of making a reservation at AJ's.

Phone: Call us at 660-385-1500 during business hours.

Text: Text us at 660-415-7316 and let us know when you want to come and how many are in your party. We will send a confirmation back to you.

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